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Integral Body Works is an established massage therapy practice located in Kingston’s west end. Our primary purpose is to assist our clients in achieving optimal health and wellness. Every body (pun intended!) is different and comes to us with a unique story and specific needs; that’s why the versatile treatments offered at IBW are specially tailored to each individual. Education is also a key focus as it allows our clients to feel empowered; giving them the tools they need to achieve and maintain their desired level of physical well being.

Enjoy every moment in life.

Our Mission & Vision

We strive to help clients attain their desired level of physical wellness, and to achieve a better understanding of how their body functions.

We provide a variety of treatments tailored to client’s specific needs, as well as to offer health enhancing workshops that will support the physical, structural, functional, and postural requirements of our clients.

Meet Manon Vermette

Manon Vermette is a registered massage therapist who trained at the International Academy of Massage.

She graduated with honors in 2004. Prior to studying massage therapy Manon was a professional dancer with over 30 years experience as a Dance instructor.

Manon has always been fascinated by the mechanisms and complexities of the human body which has inspired her to search for ways to improve her own physical wellness and overall health. Through her career as a massage therapist and her personal business ‘Integral Body Works’ Manon has effectively combined her passion for wellness and her love of teaching with her deep understanding of the physical body. Manon’s quest towards optimal health has led her to study cranial sacral therapy and Jin shin acupressure. She has become a proficient practitioner of both modalities and uses them as complements to massage.

Want to Know More About Our Workshops?

  • Manon is a natural teacher. She listens intently and provides effective, individualized massage therapy treatment. After attending her ‘5 Integral Moves’ workshop, I felt armed with a short, powerful full-body strength and stretch routine that targets all the muscles - wellness for life! The ‘Fast Five’ laminated card was an added bonus. Being under the care of Manon is a privilege and I attribute my good health and wellness to her incredible skills and wisdom.

    - Andrea Lawn

  • I went to a workshop put on by Manon last May (2015) and I recommend it highly.  I have been doing the 5 exercises every day (missed 3 days due to long flights) and it has made me stronger and a better curler.  I had some issues with my lower back and rotator cuff so was not sure I would be able to do some of the exercises but that was not the case. My back is stronger now and my rotator cuff problem is gone. I am not a morning person but I do the exercises first thing in the morning when I wake up and it is such a positive start to the day. Do yourself a favour and try it for three months. You will be 'hooked on a feeling' and you will love it.

    -Donna Jeffery

  • In less than a year, some of the many benefits I have experienced from doing the Integral Five exercises every single morning are as follows: diminished vertigo, improved balance, increased muscle strength, better spine flexibility, less joint pain, stronger pelvic floor and most importantly, feeling energized and ready to tackle my day!

    -Diane Hogan

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