Integral 5 Workshop

By popular demand we are holding another Integral 5 Workshop

If you want to refresh or if you missed out the last time the workshop was offered, this is your chance to learn or relearn these 5 great exercises.

The Integral 5 workshop will teach you simple yoga based exercises that have stood the test of time and can increase your overall energy, well-being and contribute to a sense of greater health. 

The previous workshops were a great success.  I’ve received some very positive feedback about the exercises as you will see in the testimonials found below.

Come and discover how easy it is to increase your energy and enhance your fitness level. If you’re not sure this workshop is for you, think again, The Integral 5 are easy, quick and effective which makes them available to everyone.

These exercises can enhance and improve your life in countless ways all it takes is 10 minutes a day. Please email me with any questions or to register at [email protected]

Spaces are limited so don’t wait to register.

March 7th, 2020

12:00 to 1:30 

At Janati Yoga studio

16 Bath Road, Unit 21

$45 (include gst)

  • Manon is a natural teacher. She listens intently and provides effective, individualized massage therapy treatment. After attending her ‘5 Integral Moves’ workshop, I felt armed with a short, powerful full-body strength and stretch routine that targets all the muscles - wellness for life! The ‘Fast Five’ laminated card was an added bonus. Being under the care of Manon is a privilege and I attribute my good health and wellness to her incredible skills and wisdom.

    - Andrea Lawn

  • I went to a workshop put on by Manon last May (2015) and I recommend it highly.  I have been doing the 5 exercises every day (missed 3 days due to long flights) and it has made me stronger and a better curler.  I had some issues with my lower back and rotator cuff so was not sure I would be able to do some of the exercises but that was not the case. My back is stronger now and my rotator cuff problem is gone. I am not a morning person but I do the exercises first thing in the morning when I wake up and it is such a positive start to the day. Do yourself a favour and try it for three months. You will be 'hooked on a feeling' and you will love it.

    -Donna Jeffery

  • In less than a year, some of the many benefits I have experienced from doing the Integral Five exercises every single morning are as follows: diminished vertigo, improved balance, increased muscle strength, better spine flexibility, less joint pain, stronger pelvic floor and most importantly, feeling energized and ready to tackle my day!

    -Diane Hogan

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